FEA Pitch Cup

This year the first FEA Pitch Cup will be awarded. Present you work briefly in the play-offs and advance to the final by convincing the audience. In the final you compete for the title of FEA Pitch of the Year. The cup is organised in collaboration with Doctoral Schools and participation can be taken into account as a Transferable Skill.


Each pitcher gets three minutes to convince the audience. The best pitchers are chosen by the crowd and the are challenged to present their work in 10 minutes in the final. The best presenter is selected and awarded with the title 'FEA Pitch of the Year'.

Apply for Doctoral Schools credits

Registration Pitch Closed. You can still register for posters and workshops

Doctoral schools organises the 'From Desk to Stage: How to present your PhD?' course to improve your communication skills. To receive the doctoral schools credit you need to

  • Register before the 31st of January
  • Attend training on either of the following dates:
    • 04/02 from 09:00-13:00 at lecture room 0.2 in the 125 (914) building in Tech lane science park
    • 13/02 from 12:30-16:30 at Alan Turning room, first floor in the iGent tower in Tech lane science park
  • Give the 3 minute pitch during the event
  • Attend the Sketch noting workshop during the event
If you follow this course you will get a credit for the Transferable Skill 'Communication skills'. However, a pitcher can choose to not receive the credit by chosing a different workshop.