Poster Session

This event is a great opportunity to present your research for the first time as a master student or PhD student. Other researchers are welcome to present as well. As people from different departments will be present, make sure your poster is understandable to an engineering crowd.


We provide a place to setup your A0 poster. You print your poster yourself and bring it to the venue where you can discuss your work with all attendants while holding free drinks and food.

Review & Feedback

Posters submitted before 20/03 will get reviewed by review committee consisting of senior researchers (professors & post-docs) of our faculty. You will receive feedback and can adjust your poster before final submission. These posters will also be eligible for awards

Online proceedings

All posters submitted before 01/04 will be included in the online proceedings. All posters will also be put in biblio.


You might win one of the following awards:
  • Best poster according to the review committee
  • Best poster according to the sponsors
  • Best poster according to the visitors of FEARS
  • Best poster according to EOS magazine, the most popular scientific journal of the BeNeLux. The winner has the opportunity to write a short paper for EOS magazine
  • Best poster according to TechTransfer & Dare to venture
  • Best poster of a Master Thesis student according to the organizing committee


Ghent university provided a template for posters here: Poster templates .

Training & Doctoral School Credit

A hands-on day workshop on how to make a scientific poster is organized by Doctoral schools. Attendees can receive a DS credit. More information is found here